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Our stores are designed and equipped to provide all your fur pets with the very best of grooming and general health care in a stress-free environment as much as possible.

Our Story

IPET Store was founded by professional enthusiasm in pet services in Brownsbay, Auckland in 2017. Since then we have been providing a selection of high-quality products as well as specialised pet beauty services.

All of our staff have had a number of years experience in the pet service industry, specialising not only in pet beauty but also in general pet health related matters. At IPet we have a selection of health services such as ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning and micro-bubble milk spa options to choose from. A speciality service of our pet grooming is the VIP options available which include teeth care, hand-cutting of the fur and a micro-bubble milk spa - because every pet deserves celebrity treatment every now and then.

We take extra care of your pets and help put them at ease during treatments, check-ups and pampering sessions. Your pet's comfort is our biggest concern. All services include complimentary cuddles and treats.

Our Team

Yuli is full of professional enthusiasm & skills in pet grooming with previous 12-year experience as a vet nurse in China and 7-year Bachelor plus Master education in Veterinary.

It is a big surprise to see your pet getting shining here with kind vet care advice as a free bonus.


The Chief-Groomer